Future of Utilities: Water

After Party

15 March | The Heineken Experience | Amsterdam

Our iconic After Party is on 15 March, at The Heineken Experience!

It’s open to all Future of Utilities: Energy Transition Summit attendees, RSVP below to let us know you’ll be there.

After Party: The Heineken Experience

Sponsored by Lunar Energy

Lunar Energy

Lunar Energy is on a mission to transition homes to 100% clean energy. We design and engineer the world’s best clean energy products to electrify homes and connect communities to form clean, resilient virtual power plants (VPPs) — making our electricity greener, cleaner, and energy more safe, secure and reliable for all. Lunar Gridshare is our leading energy management platform, designed to optimize millions of DER in increasingly dynamic markets. Gridshare connects with 3rd party devices, creates detailed predictions of household and fleet energy behavior, and maximizes value for customers and the grid.

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