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20-21 March 2024 | SugarFactory, Amsterdam

Europe’s most significant energy conference

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Igniting action, collaboration and innovation

Future of Utilities: Energy Transition Summit brings together senior leaders from incumbents, innovators, policy makers and investors to advance the transition towards a renewable energy ecosystem.

It’s the energy conference for decision-makers committed to accelerating Europe’s energy transition.

“A great platform to connect and exchange with industry experts.”

Chief Operations Officer, Essent

Conference Speakers

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Diogo Leal de Faria | Speaker

Diogo Leal de Faria

Board Member, EDP Generation

Monica Oviedo | Speaker

Monica Oviedo

Head of Sustainability, Iberdrola

Nicolás González Casares | Speaker

Nicolás González Casares

MEP, European Parliament

Jan Muller | Speaker

Jan Muller

Director of Asset Management - Solar, Statkraft

Sandra Pinto | Speaker

Sandra Pinto

Global Director of Regulation, EDP Group

Eric Bjonerud | Speaker

Eric Bjonerud

Managing Director, Macquarie Asset Management Green Investment Group

Anton Arts | Speaker

Anton Arts

Managing Partner, SET Venture Partners

Joris de Groot | Speaker

Joris de Groot

Managing Director, Home Energy, Eneco

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Tackle the most critical issues facing the industry today

Energy storage

What developments are needed to deliver the energy transition? How can prices be brought down and building accelerated? Hear perspectives from Uniper RenewablesSEFE EnergyBatteries Europe and the European Parliament.


To what extent is the pace of change appropriate? How could policy incentives promote clean heating adoption? Explore insights from Vattenfall HeatFrance GazEurogasCOGENEuroheat and Power and the Renewable Hydrogen Coalition.


From infrastructure to integration: how can the sector respond to exponentially increasing demand? How can data enhance efficiency and reliability? Speakers from Statkraft and EDP will be sharing their progress so far.


How are networks adapting to changes in the production and consumption of energy? How can data insights boost resilience, efficiency and flexibility? Dive into these key questions with E-REDESSSEN Transmission and The OSGP Alliance.

Home energy

What will home energy technology look like in 2030? Don’t miss the Case Study from Eneco’s Managing Director on building and transforming its Home Energy Business. E.ON Drive‘s Global Head of Digital and CX will also share how they are tackling service innovation.


Find out who’s setting the future energy sector agenda. Hear first-hand scale-up advice from key investment executives. Don’t miss the panel on financing the energy transition with key players from AllianderSET Ventures and Energy Impact Partners.

Industrial decarbonisation

Which alternatives are the right choice for industrial players? What new technologies need to be developed and deployed? CeramieUnie, the International Federation of Industrial Energy Consumers, and CleanTech Region Impact Group take to the stage to discuss.

Electric vehicles

How can key barriers be overcome? Join Witricity’s Case Study on bringing wireless EV charging to the streets of Europe and enjoy an electrifying panel discussion.

“Such a knowledgeable and engaged group of energy professionals!”

Executive Board Member, EDP

What you’ll achieve

At Europe’s leading energy transition conference you will:

Identify opportunities for collaboration

  • Dedicated networking breaks
  • An electric after party
  • AI-powered app

Expect to connect and reconnect with key business contacts.


Exchange best practice

With keynotes, panels, case studies and roundtables, key takeaways for Future of Utilities: Energy Transition Summit attendees will be frequent, engaging and digestible.

Foster international co-operation
With representatives from 36 different countries, this event creates a joint dialogue. Information exchanged here strengthens and aligns strategies across the European ecosystem.

Gain awareness of breakthrough technologies

  • Head to the Innovation Stage for exclusive pitches from new energy tech
  • In the Accelerator Zone partnerships will be formed between investors and innovators

Meet the who’s who of start-ups and scale-ups with game-changing deployments.

Find out what’s troubling board-level executives

  • Choose from four stages
  • Sessions designed following comprehensive research with senior energy executives

Tackle the most critical issues facing the industry today


Uncover the implications of new policies and regulations

Hear first-hand how priorities are shifting as a result of new frameworks. With C-Suite speakers taking prominent keynotes throughout a packed agenda.

2024 Conference Agenda

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Day 1

Day 2

Session One: A bold outlook: Europe's energy transition

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Keynote address

Leading the charge: setting strategies for a clean energy future

Diogo Leal de Faria | Speaker
Diogo Leal de Faria

Board Member
EDP Generation

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Keynote address

New disruptive business models in energy and how to enable them

Future of Utilities: Gary Miles, Gentrack - Speaker Headshot
Gary Miles

Chief Executive Officer

Dan Adams | Speaker
Dan Adams

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder
Amber Electric

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Keynote address

Transforming Europe’s networks: powering cities towards Net Zero

Francesco Buresti | Speaker
Francesco Buresti

Director of Smart Infrastructure BU

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Leaders’ forum

Powering the future: charting the course for the European energy transition

  • Assessing the pace of transition: identifying key successes so far and challenges ahead
  • Delivering a secure renewable energy supply: how do operations need to adapt?
  • Considering the customer: how can consumer engagement with the transition be fostered?
  • Optimising the energy system: which green technologies hold the most potential?
  • Financing the transition: what role is investment playing and how can more be attracted?
  • From carbon pricing to energy efficiency standards: optimising policy and regulation to further support the transition

Sandra Pinto | Speaker
Sandra Pinto

Global Director of Regulation
EDP Group

Kristofer Fröjd | Speaker
Kristofer Fröjd

Senior Vice President - Strategy & Business Development

Francesco Buresti | Speaker
Francesco Buresti

Director of Smart Infrastructure BU

Daniela Haldy-Sellmann | Speaker
Daniela Haldy-Sellmann

Global VP and Head of Energy & Utilities Industries

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Refreshments & networking break

Session Two: The customer transition| Generation | Energy Storage | The CleanTech revolution

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The customer transition 1
Greenlighting generation 2
Supercharging energy storage 3
The CleanTech revolution 4

The customer transition

Keynote address

Designing a greener future for customer: exploring service innovation

Parsia Tayyebi | Speaker
Parsia Tayyebi

Global Head of Digital & CX
E.ON Drive

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Doing more with data: engaging consumer with energy efficiency

  • Building a picture of customer behaviour: what do real-time insights tell us?
  • Promoting energy efficiency: how can insights empower consumers to make informed decisions>
  • Towards personalised energy management: what new technologies are paving the way?

Evi Malisianou | Speaker
Evi Malisianou

Director of User Experience

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Smart and tailored: harnessing the power of smart meters

Jonas Stenbeck | Speaker
Jonas Stenbeck

Director of Consumer Sales, Nordics

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Panel discussion

Empowering energy consumers: developing sustainable propositions. products and services

  • How can green energy solutions meet evolving consumer demands?
  • Engaging customers with energy efficient propositions: what approach should be taken?
  • Tackling the cost of green tech: how can prices be brought down for customers?
  • Energy-as-a-Service: what benefits could this bring to consumers and suppliers?
  • Competing with non-energy participants: how will suppliers need to adapt to keep up with new market challengers?

Siward Zomer | Speaker
Siward Zomer

Co-operative Director
Energie Samen

Parsia Tayyebi | Speaker
Parsia Tayyebi

Global Head of Digital & CX
E.ON Drive

Lara Beers, VP Sales, Kraken Technologies
Lara Beers

VP Sales
Kraken Technologies

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Greenlighting generation


Harnessing the power of data insights in generation

  • Optimising the generation process: how can data enhance efficiency and reliability?
  • Reducing operational costs and performance: identifying opportunities with data
  • Enabling predictive maintenance: how can analytics and data modelling support assets?

Paolo Bergama | Speaker
Paolo Bergamo

Chief Executive Officer & Chairman

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Supercharging consumer ownership of large-scale wind and solar

Sarah Merrick, Ripple Energy
Sarah Merrick

Chief Executive Officer
Ripple Energy

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Panel discussion

From infrastructure to integration: addressing challenges on the renewable generation journey

  • Addressing the infrastructure demand: how can construction be effectively facilitated across regions?
  • Considering the costs: what investment is needed for new large-scale projects?
  • Smoothing the renewable supply chain: identifying pain points and effective solutions
  • Towards faster deployment: how could permitting be speeded up?
  • From generation to transmission: how could greater collaboration improve connection and integration?
  • PPAs and the price of power: how can contracts be optimised and futureproofed?
  • Looking ahead: what new technology holds the most potential for renewable generation?

Berto Martins | Speaker
Berto Martins

Director for Short Term Asset Optimisation - EU
EDP Group

Jan Muller | Speaker
Jan Muller

Director of Asset Management - Solar

Jessica Johnson | Speaker
Jessica Johnson

Communications and Advocacy Director
Nuclear Europe

Sebastiaan Coppenholle | Speaker
Sebastiaan Coppenholle

Innovation Project Manager

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Supercharging energy storage

Keynote address

Trialing new solutions: the future of energy storage

Christian Folke | Speaker
Christian Folke

Head of Technology & Innovation - Renewables

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Towards the efficient operation of energy storage

  • Ensuring the optimum performance of storage: what are the key factors?
  • Minimising energy loss: what new technologies are emerging?
  • The power of data analytics: how can storage asset efficiency efficiency be improved?

Tim Reus | Speaker
Tim Reus

Analytics Translator

Martijn Tilma | Speaker
Martijn Tilma

Manager Data Science

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Keynote address

GIGA Storage

Daniela Fahrenkrog | Speaker
Daniela Fahrenkrog

Business Development Director
GIGA Storage

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Panel discussion

Storing for the future: building an effective energy storage system

  • Taking stock of the storage landscape: what developments are needed to deliver the energy transition?
  • Ensuring the long-term storage of energy: what technologies hold the most potential?
  • Cost and construction: how can prices be brought down and building accelerated?
  • Effective integration: how can coordination between grid operators and storage providers be improved?
  • Building the business case for batteries: what needs to be considered?
  • From permitting large scale projects to grid integration: how must regulation adapt to support the development of further storage?

Nicolás González Casares | Speaker
Nicolás González Casares

European Parliament

Michael Lippert | Speaker
Michael Lippert

Director of Innovation and Solutions for Energy

Toon van de Plas | Speaker
Toon van de Plas

Head of Energy Transition Orientation

Dr. Dennis Klink

Senior Manager Business Development

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The CleanTech revolution

Panel discussion

From pitch to profit: strategies for attracting investment as a start-up

  • What is the current state of play for CleanTech investment in Europe?
  • Pitch perfect: crafting an irresistible investor pitch
  • VCs, incubators, private investment: funding models and where they best fit
  • What strategies can start-ups employ to navigate and leverage evolving regulations and incentives?
  • Making a splash: how can start-ups differentiate themselves from established players in the CleanTech space?
  • Upholding acceleration: how can start-ups maintain investments in a less than favourable VC climate?
  • Exit strategies: how is the current climate affecting options and time frames?

Max Ter Horst | Speaker
Max Ter Horst

Managing Partner

Jørn Haanæs | Speaker
Jørn Haanæs

Investment Director and Partner

Eshel Lipman | Speaker
Eshel Lipman

Venture Partner

Kimberly Zou | Speaker
Kimberly Zou

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
Sightline Climate

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Designing a modern grid

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Pitch | SNERPA

Demand-side flexibility: shaping the future of energy

Iris Baldursdottir | Speaker
Iris Baldursdottir

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

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Pitch | Dynamic-e

Can Aslan


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Pitch | Zoa

Managing household demand: harnessing energy insights through smart meters

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Pitch | DREM

Empowering local installers to boost heat pump deployment

Babak Tighnavard | Speaker
Babak Tighnavard

Chief Executive Officer

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Session Three: A just transition | The modern grid | The future of heat | Innovation in generation

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A just energy transition 1
Developing the modern grid 2
The future of heat 3
Innovation in renewable generation 4

A just energy transition

Keynote address

Affordable, clean and accessible: supporting consumers on the energy transition journey

Sandra van Maarseveen | Speaker
Sandra van Maarseveen

Director B2C Energy Retail

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Case study | Rotterdam Energy Transition Plan 2050

Tackling energy and mobility poverty in Europe’s largest port and leading industrial centre

Wouter Lensselink | Speaker
Wouter Lensselink

Clean Energy and Energy Systems Lead
City of Rotterdam

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Panel discussion

Equity in energy transition: ensuring a just and inclusive path forward

  • Bearing the cost of transition: how can costs be distributed equitably amongst customers and stakeholders?
  • A transition for all: exploring strategies to ensure nationwide access to clean energy
  • The price question: how can the cost of green technology be managed for vulnerable customers?
  • The power of community energy: what benefits can it bring to local communities?
  • Protecting the environment: how can businesses mitigate the impact of new infrastructure?
  • The bigger picture: what more could governments and regulators do so ensure a just transition?

Monica Oviedo | Speaker
Monica Oviedo

Head of Sustainability

Joosep Veerme | Speaker
Joosep Veerme

Chief Executive Officer

Sebastian Dunnett | Speaker
Dr Sebastian Dunnett

Energy Transition Lead

Martina Bassan - Eurogas - Future of Utilities Speaker
Martina Bassan

Senior Policy Communication Officer

Ettore Bucci | Speaker
Ettore Bucci

Policy Officer
European Commission

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Developing the modern grid

Keynote address

Optimising the grid: enabling the efficient management of renewables

Lucian Balea | Speaker
Lucian Balea

Deputy Director of Research

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From predictive maintenance to a greater understanding of consumption and supply: digitalising the grid 

  • Powering predictive maintenance: improving grid operations through digitalisation 
  • Understanding energy consumption: how can data insights be utilised? 
  • Managing energy resources: where does the technological potential lie? 

Jana Gottstein - Corinex - Future of Utilities Speaker
Jana Gottstein

Sales, VP

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Case study

The City of Amsterdam: Amsterdam needs flexibility to reach its transition goals

Hugo Niesing | Speaker
Hugo Niesing

Director and Founder

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Panel discussion

A transition-ready network: considering construction, connection and management

  • How are networks adapting to changes in the production and consumption of energy?
  • Constructing new assets: what developments are needed?
  • Connecting generation to grid: how could the process be accelerated?
  • Technology and data: exploring options and implementation of the grid
  • Collaborative management: how must TNOs and DSOs work better together on renewables?
  • From generation to customer: how can networks ensure a seamless energy journey?
  • Supported by storage: how can storage support the grind and the management of intermittent renewables?

Mark Ossel | Speaker
Mark Ossel

Senior Vice President of Networked Energy Services Corporation and Board Member
OSGP Alliance

Tony Scott | Speaker
Tony Scott

Director of Capital Development & Delivery
SSEN Transmission

Paulo Pereira | Speaker
Paulo Pereira

Deputy Director

Lucian Balea | Speaker
Lucian Balea

Deputy Director of Research

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The future of heat

Keynote address

Heat without carbon: electrifying Europe’s heating systems

Jenny Curtis | Speaker
Jenny Curtis

Managing Director
Vattenfall Heat UK

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Keynote address

France Gaz

Jean-Marc Leroy | Speaker
Jean-Marc Leroy

France Gaz

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Panel discussion

Next steps in heat: exploring progress and the path forwards

  • Assessing the pace of transformation in heat: what are the key factors?
  • The evolving role of the gas network: what does the future look like?
  • The hydrogen question: what role should hydrogen play in the energy transition?
  • Towards large-scale electrification: what are the challenges and opportunities for the energy transition?
  • From gas to electricity: managing the implications for networks and storage
  • Considering new solutions: what more is needed to make heat pumps attractive to consumers?

Lucia Verardi - Eurogas
Lucia Verardi

Senior Policy Advisor

Alexandra Tudoroiu-Lakavice | Speaker
Alexandra Tudoroiu-Lakavice

Head of Policy
COGEN Europe

François Paquet | Speaker
François Paquet

Impact Director
Renewable Hydrogen Coalition

Pauline Lucas | Speaker
Pauline Lucas

Policy Director
Euroheat & Power

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Innovation in renewable generation

Pitch | Solease

Imagining new ways to distribute PV: opening up the prosumer model to renters

Pierre Vermeulen | Speaker
Pierre Vermeulen

Chief Executive Officer

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Pitch | HelioRec

Making waves: harnessing the power of floating solar

Polina Vasilenko | Speaker
Polina Vasilenko

Founder & CEO

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Pitch | Kitepower

Kitepower wind solutions: developing a cost-effective addition to the energy landscape

Johannes Peschel | Speaker
Johannes Peschel

Chief Executive Officer

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Pitch | Ucaneo

Building the lung for the planet: Ucaneo’s direct air capture

Florian Tiller | Speaker
Florian Tiller

Chief Executive Officer

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Pitch | GAFT


Frank Schruers | Speaker
Frank Schruers

Chief Executive Officer

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Refreshments & networking break

Session Four: Financing the energy transition

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Keynote address

Investment criteria for the energy transition

Eric Bjonerud | Speaker
Eric Bjonerud

Managing Director
Macquarie Asset Management Green Investment Group

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Keynote address

Exploring investment opportunities across the nuclear value chain

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Panel discussion

Investing in a sustainable future: financing the energy transition in Europe

  • Taking stock of the renewable energy landscape: how is investment developing?
  • Making investments attractive: what approaches are working for the industry and what more should be done?
  • Navigating inflation, interest rates and market performance: how might appeal of energy infrastructure investment be affected?
  • Alternative pathways of investment: what sources hold the most potential?
  • The investment deal: what models meet the needs of both industry and investors?
  • The role of government and regulators: do existing policies go far enough?

Anton Arts | Speaker
Anton Arts

Managing Partner
SET Venture Partners

Enno Dykmann | Speaker
Enno Dykmann

Head of Treasury

James Sprinz | Speaker
James Sprinz

Vice President
Energy Impact Partners

Alexander Hain | Speaker
Alexander Hain

Senior Investment Manager Vertical-Director, Energy Asset Solutions

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Drinks reception

Session Five: Building the transition ecosystem

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Keynote address

Security, sustainability, affordability: achieving the balance

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Keynote address

Enabling energy transition with a geographic approach

Matt Piper, Esri
Matt Piper

Global Director for Industry Solutions

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Keynote address

Accessing critical raw materials: navigating geopolitical risks

Henry Sanderson

Executive Editor
Benchmark Mineral Intelligence

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Kenote address


Neel Gulhar | Speaker
Neel Gulhar

Chief Product Officer

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Leaders’ fireside chat

Strengthening partnerships in the energy transition

  • How could stronger co-operation drive the energy transition?
  • What benefits could industry-wide thinking bring to renewable management?
  • How must players work together to ensure effectiveness of energy storage?
  • Data and technology: what developments could support greater communication across the industry?
  • Competition vs collaboration: how can conflicts be reconciled?
  • How could regulatory and government policies facilitate stronger industry relationships?

Martijn van Gemert | Speaker
Martijn van Gemert

Director Market Insights

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Refreshments & networking break

Session Six: The transport transition | The generation mix | Scaling up

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The transport transition 1
The generation mix 2
Scaling up 3

The transport transition

Case study

Bringing wireless EV charging to the streets of Europe

Hubert Wolters

VP of Business Development

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Panel discussion

From OEMs to energy suppliers: collaboration across the electric vehicle ecosystem

  • Accelerating the electric vehicle revolution: what are the key barriers and how can they be overcome?
  • Towards standardisation: is better communication between manufacturers and software developers the best solution?
  • Ensuring quality charging for the mass market what is required to ensure a Tesla-like experience for all?
  • Does the infrastructure rollout need to be more coordinated, and if so, by whom?
  • Managing the rising electricity demand: how is the energy industry preparing?
  • From V2G to charging stations: how can manufacturers work better with utilities to prepare for EV integration?

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The generation mix

Keynote address

Powering the green revolution: harnessing data for effective management of renewable energy resources

Laura Sandys, Energy Digitalisation Taskforce
Laura Sandys

Energy Digitalisation Taskforce

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Keynote address

Supporting generation through effective storage

  • Integrating renewables into the grid: exploring the opportunities of storage
  • Reducing intermittency: how can storage support reliability?
  • Achieving widespread implementation: what must be considered?

Devrim Celal, CEO, KrakenFlex
Devrim Celal


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Hydrogen-ready power plants and their role in achieving the EU 2040 climate targets

Ralf Wezel | Speaker
Ralf Wezel

Secretary General

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Scaling up

Panel discussion

From start-up to scale-up: strategies for success

  • Growing pains: what challenges do CleanTech start-ups face when scaling their operations?
  • Developing the product: how can they address these challenges to attract larger investments?
  • B2B CleanTech: securing the most lucrative contracts with the biggest network providers
  • Supercharging procurement: navigating corporate policies from larger energy providers
  • Incentivising top talent: effectively structuring bonuses, shares and equity
  • Competing priorities: balancing scaling at pace with reaching a profit

David Hunt | Speaker
David Hunt

Chief Executive Officer
Hyperion Executive Search

Nick Woolley | Speaker
Nick Woolley

Chief Executive Officer

Hampus Jildenbäck | Speaker
Hampus Jildenbäck

Marketing Director

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A future-focused energy landscape

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Pitch | Picsellia

Thibaut Lucas | Speaker
Thibaut Lucas

Chief Executive Officer

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Pitch | Multiverse Computing

How quantum will revolutionise the energy transition

Enrique Lizaso Olmos | Speaker
Enrique Lizaso Olmos

Chief Executive Officer
Multiverse Computing

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Session Seven: The industrial transition | Home energy | Supercharging storage

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Driving the industrial energy transition 1
Advancing the home energy transition 2
Supercharging storage 3

Driving the industrial energy transition

Keynote address

Decarbonising industries with solar thermal heat energy in Europe, Africa, India, and the world

Lars Ling

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
CleanTech Region Impact Group

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Keynote address

Can industry decarbonisation and competitiveness go together?

Pierre Dechamps, European Commission
Pierre Dechamps

Senior Advisor
FTI Consulting

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Panel discussion

Forging the path: big industry’s transformation towards clean energy

  • Moving away from fossil fuels: which alternatives are the right choice for industrial players?
  • Considering the impact on production: what new technologies need to be developed and deployed?
  • Overcoming the high cost of transition: how can significant investment be secured?
  • How likely are governments to support industry in improving energy efficiency?
  • How can energy companies help industry meet regulatory targets?
  • Implementing industrial carbon strategies to reach carbon neutrality
  • How can big industry bring its energy useage with Net Zero goals whilst remaining competitive?

Hans Grünfeld | Speaker
Hans Grünfeld

International Federation of Industrial Energy Consumers

Alain Delcourt | Speaker
Alain Delcourt


Christian Kissling | Speaker
Christian Kissling

Head of Business Development

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Advancing the home energy transition

Case study

Building and transforming Eneco’s Home Energy Business

Joris de Groot | Speaker
Joris de Groot

Managing Director, Home Energy

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Panel discussion

From smart meters and energy efficiency to storage solutions: preparing for the future of home energy management

  • Energy management in the home of 2030: what might this look like and is the sector on the right track?
  • How important will smart meters be in delivering this future and what more can be done to boost the number of meters in homes?
  • Identifying energy inefficiencies: what developments in technology are needed and what advantages could this bring to sector and customer?
  • Customer engagement with energy efficiency in the home: assessing the most effective strategies
  • Maximising the value of existing customer touchpoints: how can businesses use this data to provide better services?
  • Facilitating home generation and storage: how could this provide energy companies with new opportunities?
  • Looking towards widespread V2G: what further change could this bring?

João Mano | Speaker
João Mano

Head of Smart Energy Home Innovation
EDP Group

Lamé Verre

Head of Strategy, Innovation & Sustainability (GB, ROI, NI)
SSE Energy Solutions

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Supercharging storage

Pitch | Kraftblock

Elevating energy solutions: developing thermal-driven storage innovation

Christian Kissling | Speaker
Christian Kissling

Head of Business Development

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Pitch | UP Catalyst

Crafting carbon-negative solutions: revolutionising green mobility

Teele Niidas | Speaker
Teele Niidas

Chief Marketing Officer
UP Catalyst

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Pitch | Geyser Batteries

Preparing for the changing energy system: why a cheap and green MW-minute matters

Andrey Shigaev | Speaker
Andrey Shigaev

Chief Executive Officer
Geyser Batteries

Read less remove


Bridging the gap: harnessing second life batteries to secure a sustainable future

Annika Hoenig | Speaker
Annika Hoenig

Head of Marketing

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End of conference

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