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19-20 June 2024 | QEII Centre | London

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Future of Utilities Summit is the conference uniting senior executives from across the energy and water sector.

This is where the ordinary is challenged, collaboration is championed, and innovation comes to life.




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2024 Conference Speakers

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Chris Norbury

Chief Executive Officer, E.ON UK

Phil Jones | Speaker

Phil Jones

Chief Executive Officer, Northern Powergrid

Future of Utilities: Susan Davy, Pennon Group Speaker Headshot

Susan Davy

Chief Executive Officer, Pennon Group

Zoisa North-Bond | Speaker

Zoisa North-Bond

Chief Executive Officer, Octopus Energy Generation

James Heath | Speaker

James Heath

Chief Executive Officer, National Infrastructure Commission

Cathryn Ross | Speaker

Cathryn Ross

Strategy & External Affairs Director, Thames Water

John Thompson | Speaker

John Thompson

Chief Operating Officer, Wessex Water

Colin Green | Speaker

Colin Green

Director of Commercial and Regulatory Frameworks, RAPID Alliance, Ofwat

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“If we are to be leaders in innovation, we must be unafraid of collaboration, sharing knowledge and being challenged. This conference prompts and provokes these opportunities.”


“With strong audience engagement and networking, the conversations started here could be the beginning of the next major innovation.”

Heidi Mottram
Chief Executive Officer, Northumbrian Water

Tackle the most critical issues facing the industry today

Take a look at the hot topics at this year’s utilities conference.

The path to Net Zero

From unlocking grid capacity to boosting renewable generation, discover how E.ON, Northern Powergrid and Octopus Renewables are propelling the transition to Net Zero.

The evolving role of utilities

Gain insights from Scottish PowerWessex Water and Cadent Gas on the potential new roles for utilities players, and how energy and water can unite to balance security, cost and sustainability.


Hear how UtilitiaNational Grid and more are leveraging data, flexibility and technological innovation to unlock the full potential of the utilities ecosystem.


Find out how EDF Energy and Severn Trent are unlocking innovation within their own organisations. Delve into cutting edge technologies and discover the key ingredients of successful innovation.

Prioritising the customer

Learn how CX experts at SSENorthumbrian Water and Utilita are optimising the customer journey, increasing customer engagement, and leveraging data to elevate customer support.

People and skills

Find answers on how to build the workforce needed to design and deliver the future of utilities. Join the debate as we hear from OVO and POWERful Women.

PR24 and AMP

Don’t miss Ofwat’s keynote ‘An update on PR24’, as well as Thames Water and the Pennon Group exploring where they predict the water industry will be in 5 years.

Drought and flooding

Learn about the innovative approaches Anglian Water and Ofwat are taking across strategies for water resource management, building resilient networks and engaging customers in water conservation.

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“Future of Utilities Summit is one of the most thought provoking and relevant events with senior speakers from the industry.”


Basil Scarsella
Chief Executive Officer, UK Power Networks

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Future of Utilities Summit attracts senior executives from across the entire energy and water spectrum

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Future of Utilities Workshop

Don’t miss: our cutting-edge innovation workshop hosted by Slalom x AWS

  • Brainstorm innovation strategies with discussions led by experts leading the charge in innovating the utilities sector
  • Strategies on how to embed resilience, agility, and scalability into your innovation roadmap
  • Delve into the opportunities and barriers presented by innovation
Women's Utilities Network

Connect with 30+ mentors at the Women in Utilities networking brunch, in partnership with WUN

  • Exchange insights with our trailblazing mentors over a warm mug of coffee and brunch
  • Contribute to the ongoing dialogue that is shaping a more equitable and inclusive utilities landscape
  • Tap into industry wisdom that could help propel your career to new heights

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“Future of Utilities Summit is always a highlight of the calendar: interesting, insightful speakers and great debate. Highly recommend.”

Chief Executive Officer, E.ON UK

Conference Agenda

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Day 1

Day 2

Session one: The future of utilites | The vision of the water sector

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Delivering the future of utilities 1
Defining the vision of the water sector 2

Delivering the future of utilities


An update from Ofgem

Akshay Kaul | Speaker
Akshay Kaul

Director-General, Infrastructure

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The transforming landscape of energy retail: investing in people & planet

Chris Norbury

Chief Executive Officer

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A Net Zero-ready grid: enabling the shift to clean power

Phil Jones | Speaker
Phil Jones

Chief Executive Officer
Northern Powergrid

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Leaders’ forum

Leading the charge: defining and delivering a better utilities industry

  • Achieving Net Zero energy security ambitions: identifying the immediate priorities and transformational potential
  • Tackling the infrastructure challenge: managing pace, scale, and renewable readiness
  • Working with customers: how can utilities engage customers to deliver environmental goals?
  • A data-driven industry: how will data support successful transformation in utilites?
  • Attracting the right investment: what does a successful approach look like?
  • Delivering future change: would a more open culture of collaboration help the industry meet its goals in time?

Chris Norbury

Chief Executive Officer

Phil Jones | Speaker
Phil Jones

Chief Executive Officer
Northern Powergrid

Future of Utilities: Paul Spence, EDF - Speaker Headshot
Paul Spence

Director of Strategy & Corporate Affairs

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Defining the vision of the water sector


An Ofwat update of PR24: laying out the roadmap to 2030

Chris Walters | Speaker
Chris Walters

Senior Director of the Price Review

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Navigating the future of water: what now, where next?

Cathryn Ross | Speaker
Cathryn Ross

Strategy & External Affairs Director
Thames Water

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Preparing for AMP8: the most ambitious programme to date

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Leaders’ forum

Mapping out the strategic future of the water industry: challenges, pathways, and solutions

  • Addressing the critical challenges: what must be considered in long-term planning?
  • From scarcity to drought: what more must be done to ensure long-term resilience?
  • Optimising water management and distribution: how could digitalisation and data support?
  • Protect the environment, deliver for customers: how can both be achieved simultaneously?
  • Investing in sustainable infrastructure: where should investment lie?
  • Working with regulator and government: how could collaboration deliver best outcomes for industry?

Future of Utilities: Susan Davy, Pennon Group Speaker Headshot
Susan Davy

Chief Executive Officer
Pennon Group

John Thompson | Speaker
John Thompson

Chief Operating Officer
Wessex Water

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Refreshments & networking break

Session two: Smarter CX | The grid of tomorrow | Energy security | Drought and flooding

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A smarter approach to CX 1
The grid of tomorrow 2
Energy security 3
Combatting drought and flooding 4

A smarter approach to CX


Making utilities an extraordinary place to work: the OVO experience

Future of Utilities: Charlottee Eaton, OVO - Speaker Headshot
Charlotte Eaton

Chief People Officer
OVO Energy

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Welcoming a new era of billing in utilities: harnessing benefits for customer and supplier

  • Reducing cost-to-serve: bringing down costs with streamlined billing operations
  • Engaging customers with open banking: what is the right approach?
  • Supporting vulnerable customers: unlocking personalised service with flexible billing

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Panel discussion

Becoming a modern utility: imagining the smarter future for CX

  • Excellence for the modern customer: what factors are shaping expectations?
  • Keeping up with disruptors: how can suppliers remail competitive in their CX approach?
  • Developing compelling offerings: what makes a great energy product?
  • Supercharging service: how can apps improve the customer journey?
  • Supporting customers in times of hardship: where can data assist?
  • Staying ahead of the game: what trends will influence future CX?

Matt Pearson | Speaker
Matt Pearson

Head of Operations and Subject Matter Expert
Octopus Energy Group

Russell Lane | Speaker
Russell Lane

Head of Customer Experience
Utilita Energy

Mike Gauterin | Speaker
Mike Gauterin

Director of Customer Service & Technology
United Utilities

Hayley Monks | Speaker
Hayley Monks

Senior Vice President, Growth Leader for Energy & Utilities, Europe

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The grid of tomorrow


Digital, green, and efficient: unleashing the power of a smarter network

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Navigating the legal landscape of grid digitalisation

  • Accommodating network digitalisation: how should regulation adapt?
  • Network tariffs, authorisations and unbundling: keeping in line with evolving regulatory frameworks
  • Forward funding models and grid sharing arrangements: navigating complex renewable projects and their interaction with the grid
  • Learning from global insights: adapting energy networks to the digital era

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Panel discussion

Next steps in grid modernisation: overcoming the initial hurdles

  • Planning new grid infrastructure: what are the key challenges?
  • Preparing the grid for future connections: how should construction be managed?
  • Scaling up grid digitalisation: where will technology have the most impact?
  • Managing renewable intermittency: unlocking greater flexibility
  • Protecting the network against severe weather events: how can resilience be increased?
  • Cyber security and the grid: dealing with increasingly complex threats

Benjamin Grunfeld | Speaker
Benjamin Grunfeld

Asset and Technology, and Strategy and Growth Director
Electricity North West

Scott Mathieson, SP Energy Networks
Scott Mathieson

Director of Network Planning
SP Energy Networks

Nigel Bessant | Speaker
Nigel Bessant

Head of Network Operations

Carol Johnston | Speaker
Carol Johnston

VP of Energy, Utilities, and Resources

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Energy security


Keeping the lights on: ensuring long-term security of supply

Ben Wilson, National Grid - Speaker Headshot
Ben Wilson

Chief Strategy & External Affairs Officer
National Grid

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Prepare and protect: advancing cyber security in the energy industry

  • Securing the energy system: where does vulnerability lie?
  • Act now, protect long term: what tools ae available?
  • Assessing the impact of complex technology: how can the emerging risks be managed?

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Panel discussion

Securing the future of energy: coming together on the key challenges

  • An action plan for energy security: what are the immediate priorities?
  • Uniting the energy system around the security challenge: exploring the benefits of a shared vision
  • Scaling up renewables: how can investment be secured?
  • Decarbonising the power sector by 2035: mapping out a realistic pathway
  • Supercharging storage: how could capacity be increased?
  • Ensuring long-term security of supply: what further legislation may be needed?

Bogi Højgaard | Speaker
Bogi Højgaard

Associate Director - Energy Transition
The Carbon Trust

Speaker Placeholder Image
Gulmira Rzayeva

Senior Visiting Research Fellow
Oxford Institute for Energy Studies

Richard Dobson | Speaker
Richard Dobson

Business Leader - Digital
Energy Systems Catapult

Owen Bellamy | Speaker
Owen Bellamy

Team Leader, Energy Supply Decarbonisation & Resilience
Climate Change Commitee

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Combatting drought and flooding

Case study | Anglian Water’s Future Fens

The Integrated Adaption Project: a combined approach to flood and drought reduction

Jonathan Glerum | Speaker
Jonathan Glerum

Head of Sustainable Growth
Anglian Water

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Innovative water resource management: exploring the digital opportunity

  • Strategic water resourcing: what challenges does the industry face?
  • Building an accurate real-time picture of network strain: how can new data pools be unlocked?
  • Harnessing AI and ML: how could tech improve efficiency and sustainability in resource management?

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Case study

An update from the RAPID Alliance

Colin Green | Speaker
Colin Green

Director of Commercial and Regulatory Frameworks, RAPID Alliance

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Panel discussion

Adapting to the climate emergency: working with customer, agencies and third parties

  • taking stock: what is the current impact of climate change on UK water?
  • Financing climate adaption: where will the funding come from?
  • How can water companies work better with other agencies to expedite projects?
  • Expanding the UK’s water storage capacity: what’s the best way forward?
  • What roles can local authorities play in both drought and flood risk reduction?
  • Small-scale, distributed solutions: where can they collectively make a big difference?
  • Engaging customers with water conservation: what is the best strategy?
  • Collaborating on traditional and nature-based solutions: how best to work with third parties

Simon Parsons | Speaker
Simon Parsons

Director of Environment, Planning and Assurance
Scottish Water

Carolyn Cadman, South West Water
Carolyn Cadman

Director of Natural Resources
South West Water

Katherine Owens | Speaker
Katherine Owens

Head of Sustainability & ESG
United Utilities

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Session three: Engaging the customer | Smart meters | Next-level generation | Water infrastructure

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Engaging the energy customer 1
Next steps for smart meters 2
Next-level generation 3
Navigating challenges to water infrastructure 4

Engaging the energy customer

Keynote address

Energy-as-a-Service: helping customer adapt to low carbon technologies

Neal Coady, SNRG
Neal Coady

Director of Product

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Streamlining the digital journey: simplifying engagement with customers

  • Setting the scene: what makes a great digital journey in utilities?
  • How can data better support personalisation in the digital journey?
  • Engagement across generations: how can utilities support all types of customers?

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Case study

Championing data-driven engagement: strategies for success

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Panel discussion

Exploring new pathways to customer engagement

  • New channels, new trends: what’s changing in customer engagement?
  • Engagement all types of customers: how do strategies differ between demographics?
  • Incentivising consumption reduction: what education tools are available?
  • Digital platforms: how are utilities using social media?
  • Personalised engagement strategies: how can data help?
  • Increasing engagement with the already engaged: innovating to enhance prosumer engagement

Chris Taggart | Speaker
Chris Taggart

Deputy Director Data & Analytics
Smart DCC

Linda Sooprayen | Speaker
Linda Sooprayen

Head of Marketing
Ripple Energy

Ed Rees | Speaker
Ed Rees

Senior Policy Manager
Energy UK

Laura Glover | Speaker
Laura Glover

Energy Systems Manager
The Carbon Trust

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Next steps for smart meters


Next steps in the smart meter revolution

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Data is the new fuel: utilising the power of smart meter data

  • Leveraging smart meter data: how can data be harnessed and collated efficiently?
  • Utilising smart meter insights: unlocking data-driven service innovation
  • The MHHS: how will greater flexibility support Net Zero?

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Case study

Smart-meters for commercial consumers

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Panel discussion

Getting smarter on smart meters: exploring new avenues for success

  • Keeping up with evolving smart meter technology: what replacement strategies could be effective?
  • Doing more with smart meter data: how can insights be used to better serve the customer?
  • Developing future green products: how can smart meter insights support?
  • Harnessing smart meter insights out-of-industry: what use cases are emerging?
  • Effective installation: empowering engineers with the complex skills needed
  • Repurposing old meters: ensuring a greener end-of-life process

Doug Spencer | Speaker
Doug Spencer

Head of Smart Metering
Anglian Water

James Rees, Good Energy
James Rees

Director of Product and Propositions
Good Energy

Sara Higham | Speaker
Sara Higham

Director of Corporate Affairs
Smart Energy GB

Leon Ross | Speaker
Leon Ross

Director of Service Delivery

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Next-level generation

Keynote address

Building green power for the future: the Octopus story

Zoisa North-Bond | Speaker
Zoisa North-Bond

Chief Executive Officer
Octopus Energy Generation

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Balancing renewable supply and demand: harnessing data-driven insights

  • How can data insights help overcome the challenge of renewable intermittency?
  • The power of prediction: mapping weather conditions to better predict generation levels
  • What solutions can AI provide with regards to current barriers to energy storage?

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Case study | Fuse Energy

The big disruptor: supercharging localised generation and supply with Fuse Energy

Alan Change | Speaker
Alan Chang

Chief Executive Officer
Fuse Energy

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Panel discussion

Overcoming barriers to renewable generation: strategies, solutions and next steps

  • Taking stock: what has the UK’s renewable journey looked like so far?
  • Remaining competitive in a global renewables market: how can the UK attract overseas investment?
  • Offshore and onshore wind farms: what are the newest developments?
  • Assessing the future of fossil fuels: mapping out a long-term strategy
  • Contracts for Difference: where does government funding fit into the market?
  • De-risking and diversifying the supply chain: bridging the gap between demand and generation
  • Scaling up infrastructure: overcoming the barriers
  • Storage: how can providers better support renewables?

Zoisa North-Bond | Speaker
Zoisa North-Bond

Chief Executive Officer
Octopus Energy Generation

Adam Berman, Energy UK
Adam Berman

Deputy Director
Energy UK

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Navigating challenges to water infrastructure

Keynote address

Future-proofing the water network: envisioning a long-term strategy

Richard Price | Speaker
Richard Price

Group Chief Engineering Officer
Pennon Group

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Building a watertight network: unlocking the power of predictive maintenance

  • Efficiency, security, profitability: how does predictive maintenance boost reliability?
  • Mapping the wastewater networks: assessing the benefits on operations
  • What data strategies ensure more robust water resource management?

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Panel discussion

Towards a modern, resilient network: mapping out the future of water infrastructure

  • Developing and delivering a long-term resilience strategy: what are the crucial pain points?
  • Competing priorities: how can water providers balance long-term goals with short-term priorities?
  • Repair or replace: how should suppliers address the ageing network?
  • Unlocking the power of technology to achieve resilience: to what extent can predictive maintenance extend the lifetime of existing pipes
  • Balancing the interest of investors and customer: how can industry and regulators best work together to make network replacement financially viable?
  • Funding network development: how can water providers attract investment?
  • A collaborative effort: how can water providers work with third parties to develop infrastructure planning?
  • Minimising disruption: how is infrastructure repair evolving?

Daniel Johns | Speaker
Daniel Johns

Managing Director
Water Resources East

Richard Stuart, Yorkshire Water
Richard Stuart

Director of Asset Delivery
Yorkshire Water

Thomas Bridgewater | Speaker
Thomas Bridgewater

Head of Strategic Asset Management & Innovation, Asset Strategy & Capital Delivery
Affinity Water

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Refreshments & networking break

Session four: Society and sustainability: the role of utilities

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The future role of utilities

Colm Murphy | Speaker
Colm Murphy

FSO Project Director
National Grid ESO

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Panel discussion

Uniting around Net Zero

  • Defining environmental and social purpose: rebuilding the reputation of the utilities industry
  • Water and energy industry collaboration: how can joint efforts expedite carbon reduction?
  • Bridging the gap: striking the balance between Net Zero goals and a cost-effective service
  • Leveraging data: how can customer feedback inform utilities’ climate resilience initiatives?
  • Balancing supply and demand: how can demand side flexibility best be fostered?
  • How will customer engagement need to evolve in the face of the Net Zero challenge?

Future of Utilities - Chris Carberry
Chris Carberry

Smart Solutions Director
Scottish Power

Mark Adolphus | Speaker
Mark Adolphus

Director of Connections
UK Power Networks

Mark Belmega

Director of Customer Strategy
Cadent Gas

Dan Green

Head of Innovation & Sustainability
Wessex Water

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Session five: Building the modern utilities sector: a people-driven journey

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Building the Net Zero workforce: tackling the skills challenge

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Panel discussion

Achieving ambitions through people and purpose

  • Delivering for customers and the environment: why are people the key?
  • Leading from the top: what does an effective and inspiring leadership team look like?
  • Achieving innovation: how can a culture of innovation be embedded throughout the business?
  • Making the most of great technology: how can tech empower people?
  • A career with a purpose: attracting a new generation into utilities
  • Championing everyone in utilities: what are the benefits of prioritising diversity, equity and inclusion?

Rebecca Beresford | Speaker
Rebecca Beresford

Director of Net Zero Strategy and Policy
POWERful Women

Kelly-Marie Lovesy, Drax
Kelly-Marie Lovesy

Director of Sales
Opus Energy

Gaynor Fisher | Speaker
Gaynor Fisher

Chief People Officer
Smart DCC

Juliette Sanders | Speaker
Juliette Sanders

Director of Strategic Communications
Energy UK

Jim Garrett | Speaker
Jim Garrett

Chief Operating Officer

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Refreshments & Women in Utilities Networking Brunch

Session six: Digital transformation | The gas landscape | Innovation workshop | Navigating pollution

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Digtial transformation and flexibility 1
The gas landscape 2
Innovation workshop 3
Navigating the pollution problem 4

Digtial transformation and flexibility


Towards a digital future: defining the endgame for digital in energy retail

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Enabling the renewables revolution: building the digital infrastructure
  • Meeting sustainability goals with real-time data: maximising data potential
  • How can data0driven insights help support whole system management of renewable energy?
  • Cybersecurity measures: what needs to happen next?

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Panel discussion

Digitally skilled, digitally empowered: building the workforce of the future

  • From renewables to CleanTech: how are industry trends affecting the demand for new skills?
  • Acquiring niche skills for future challenges: how can utilities bring in specialised workers?
  • Competing for digital and engineering skills: how can the industry make itself more attractive?
  • Working with universities and association: what do effective partnerships look like>
  • Empowering existing staff with digital skills: training with empathy and effectiveness
  • Beyond digital: where is the human tough still required?

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The gas landscape


Local Transmission System Futures: repurposing high pressure gas networks

Nancy Thomson | Speaker
Nancy Thomson

Project Director, LTS Futures

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Shaping the UK’s gas future: defining the decade to come

Philipp Lukas | Speaker
Philipp Lukas

Chief Executive Officer
Future Biogas

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Panel discussion

Gas and the energy transition: adapting existing systems to meet future needs

  • Assessing UK’s gas landscape: what does the future of gas look like?
  • Repurposing assets to meet emerging energy needs: what are the challenges and opportunities?
  • Reducing emissions in existing gas systems: what tech and practices are available?
  • The shift to renewables: how can gas infrastructure support grid stability?
  • The hydrogen question: what role will it play in the gas industry’s future?
  • From affordability to hydrogen: what polices could incentivise further transformation of the gas system?

David Watson | Speaker
David Watson

Head of Energy Transition
Cadent Gas

Steve Rowe | Speaker
Steve Rowe

Head of Regulatory Price Control, Commercial Regulation
National Gas Transmission

Heather Sheffield | Speaker
Heather Sheffield

Head of Strategic Planning
Northern Gas Networks

Nancy Thomson | Speaker
Nancy Thomson

Project Director, LTS Futures

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Innovation workshop

How to be innovative in utilities

Innovation is key if utilities want to build a better future for customers and the planet. In this workshop, you’ll define the barriers to innovation and work together on the solutions.

Discussion points:
  • What are the key barriers utilities face on their innovation journeys?
  • What strategies could be effective to drive innovation?
  • Reflecting on the impact of regulatory innovation funds: what other schemes may be effective?

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Navigating the pollution problem

Keynote address

Taking action: an integrated approach to improving river quality

Zoe Frogbrook | Speaker
Zoe Frogbrook

Head of Environment and Sustainability
Northumbrian Water

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Fireside chat

Leveraging AI to mitigate the impact of CSOs

  • Reducing the environmental impact of CSOs: what AI strategies are proving most successful?
  • Integrating AI technologies into CSO mitigation: opportunities, challenges, success stories
  • Enabling a clean swimming experience: harnessing the power of AI to predict pollution levels
  • Scalability, sustainability, affordability: what are the challenges and opportunities afforded by AI solutions?

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Panel discussion

Towards long-term pollution prevention

  • Updates on the Environment Act: how have water companies responded?
  • Taking the plunge: how can storm overflow mitigation take place rapidly, sustainably and cost-effectively?
  • Pollution and funding allocation: are governments investing in the right strategies?
  • Green drainage and SUDs: exploring sustainable solutions to storm overflows
  • Partnerships with purpose: collaborative approaches to pollutions reduction
  • Looking ahead: what measures need to be put in place to guarantee long-term environmental protection?

Future of Utilities: Helen Wakeham, Environment Agency - Speaker Headshot
Helen Wakeham

Deputy Director of Water Quality, Groundwater and Contaminated Land
Environment Agency

Robin Price | Speaker
Robin Price

Director, Quality & Environment
Anglian Water

Christine Moloney | Speaker
Christine Moloney

Head of Environment and Flooding Protection
Wessex Water

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Session seven: Industrial decarbonisation | Decarbonising heating | Championing engagement in water

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Supporting industrial decarbonisation 1
Decarbonising heating 2
Championing engagement with the water industry 3

Supporting industrial decarbonisation


Working with commericial customers on the road to Net Zero

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Supercharging the smart meter opportunity in industrial settings

  • Getting smart meters into industrial settings: what innovations are accelerating adoption?
  • Overcoming obstacles: what challenges must be addressed to realise the full potential in industry?
  • Energy and resource management: how can industry maximise the benefits of smart meters?

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Panel discussion

Engaging industry with sustainability: defining challenges, strategies and responsibility

  • Energising industry engagement with sustainability: what strategies are most effective?
  • Finding the right energy: which alternatives are right for industrial players?
  • Overcoming high costs of transition: how can investment be secured?
  • What more could Government support in energy efficiency in industrial settings?
  • Meeting regulatory targets: what role should suppliers play in helping industry?
  • How can big industry bring its energy useage with Net Zero goals whilst remaining competitive?

Bryony Livesey | Speaker
Bryony Livesey

ISCF Industrial Decarbonisation Challenge Director

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Decarbonising heating

Keynote address

Advancing sustainable heating: the roadmap for action

James Heath | Speaker
James Heath

Chief Executive Officer
National Infrastructure Commission

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Navigating the pathways towards heat pumps

  • Accessible, efficient, cost-effective: strategic insights to assure a smooth transition towards heat pumps
  • Infrastructure preparedness: what cross-sector collaborative approaches are needed?
  • Differing strategies: varying approaches to domestic and commercial heat pump installation

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Panel discussion

Getting hot on heat: exploring next steps for the UK’s heat strategy

  • Help to Heat: how close is the industry to meeting heat pump rollout targets?
  • Keeping things affordable: how are providers working to bring down the cost of heat pumps?
  • Retrofitting: what is the scale of work that needs to be done?
  • The great heat debate: how do industrial solutions differ from domestic?
  • Engaging customers with new forms of heat: deconstructing heat pump misconceptions
  • Green vacancies: reskilling, retraining, retaining gas engineers for heat pump installation
  • Winding down: will gas play a role in domestic heating?

Dan Hopcroft | Speaker
Dan Hopcroft

Zero Carbon Heat Director

Neil Kenward | Speaker
Neil Kenward

Director for Strategy and Decarbonisation

Bean Beanland | Speaker
Bean Beanland

Director of Growth & External Affairs
Heat Pump Federation

Matthew Aylott | Speaker
Matthew Aylott

Electrification of Heat Lead, Clean Heat
Department for Energy Security & Net Zero

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Championing engagement with the water industry

Keynote address

Customers & the water industry: towards deeper engagement

Chris Pollard | Speaker
Chris Pollard

Director of Customer Services
Thames Water

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Harnessing data to improve customer engagement: strategies for success in water

  • Consumer engagement in water: what are the barriers?
  • Leveraging data: how can technology influence excess customer usage?
  • Identifying the biggest consumers: exploring targeted engagement strategies

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Panel discussion

An industry fit for today’s consumer: driving engagement in water

  • Defining the state of engagement in water: what are the key challenges?
  • Repairing relationships between suppliers and customers: how can trust be rebuilt?
  • Education, communications and campaigns: finding the right approach
  • Digital-first engagement: what does and effective online strategy look like?
  • Positive partnerships: how can water companies establish partnerships to amplify climate messaging?
  • Accelerating the smart meter roll out: how can water companies better inform customers of the benefits?
  • Supporting SMEs on their sustainability journey: what tools can water providers offer to help?

Lyvia Nabarro | Speaker
Lyvia Nabarro

Head of Market Engagement and Communications

Lucy Merritt | Speaker
Lucy Merritt

Head of Communications
SES Water

George Keast | Speaker
George Keast

PR & Campaigns Manager
Wessex Water

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Session eight: Looking ahead: technological upheavals in utilities

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Panel discussion

From generative AI to quantum computing: exploring the potential of emerging technologies

  • An ever-evolving field: identifying the potential of innovative technology in utilities
  • Generative AI: what could this mean for customer experience?
  • Smarter and smarter: what are the applications of digital twins on the grid?
  • Taking the quantum leap: realising the potential of quantum in utilities
  • Future-proofing infrastructure: managing the threat of increasingly complex technology
  • Injecting the capital: building the business case for long-term investments in emerging technology

Ian Burgess | Speaker
Ian Burgess

Chief Technology Officer
Utilita Energy

Alexi Reynolds | Speaker
Alexi Reynolds

Technology Insights Manager
National Grid ESO

Future of Utilities: Martin Jackson
Martin Jackson

Head of Digital Strategy and Product Management
Northumbrian Water

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