Valts Grintals

Valts Grintals

Product Marketing Lead, KaluzaFlex, Kaluza

Valts has over eight years’ experience in the UK and European energy storage and flexibility space. After completing an MSc in Renewable Energy and Distributed Generation from Heriot-Watt University, Valts worked as a consultant, assisting a range of energy suppliers, OEMs, network operators and entech start-ups to maximise the value of flexibility for their operations. Valts then joined Kaluza as Flexibility Analyst in 2018, working with energy traders, energy suppliers and network operators to understand and resolve grid challenges with flexibility, helping to shape the future of energy.

As Product Marketing Lead for Kaluza Flex, Valts is responsible for identifying new market opportunities and shaping the Kaluza Flex proposition to drive decarbonisation on a global scale.

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