Rhys Davies

Rhys Davies

Global Consulting Leader - Asset Management, Atkins

Rhys is the Global Consulting Leader for Asset Management at Atkins. In this role he supports the various business units across the SNC Lavalin group of companies in delivering value for clients and developing their Asset Management capabilities.

Rhys is the Chair of ISO Committee (TC251) leading 35 countries in developing International Standards for Asset Management leading to the publication of the ISO55000 series in 2014. He continues to lead that group in its ongoing work now focussing on sustainable value, public policy and finance. Rhys is a Fellow of the Institute of Asset Management (IAM) as well as a Registered Asset Management Professional. He has been involved in a variety of roles including IAM Board (2014 – 2016) and IAM Council previous to that. He is currently the Atkins representative at the IAM UK Patrons Group.

Rhys Davies graduated with BEng (Hons) and MEng in Electronic Engineering from Bangor University in 1990/91. He completed an MBA in 1999 and is a Chartered Engineer. He has developed his career as an asset management specialist in a variety of industries including Aerospace, Defence, Rail, Telecoms, Utilities and the Oil industry. Rhys’ roles have included systems design, consultancy, operations management and audit.

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