Rachel Dyson

Behavioural Change Programme Manager, Anglian Water

Rachel Dyson is a Behavioural Change Programme Manager at Anglian Water and has been running the company’s successful Keep it Clear sewer blockage, flooding and pollution incident reduction programme.

With a career across the water industry, investment banking and IT over 25 years, Rachel’s portfolio includes behaviour change, project and stakeholder management, strategy and communications leadership.

Rachel Chairs the Water UK Sewer Network Abuse Prevention Group and was instrumental in developing the UK Water Industry’s Fine to Flush specification with Wrc in Swindon. Previously, Rachel led on the sewer misuse projects as part of the ‘Improving Customer Service through Behaviour Change’ workstream under Water UK, which resulted in the change by retailers and manufacturers of putting DO NOT FLUSH messaging on to the front of product packaging.

Rachel gained international agreement on flushability that currently has the support of more than 360 organisations in 26 countries

Rachel is currently seconded to Business in the Community as Head of Water. The role is to raise the importance of water and improve water management for companies in their direct business and within their supply chains. Rachel’s particular focus is on catchment management and wider landscape scale system operator approaches.

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