Kathryn Dapre

Head of Energy & Sustainability, NHS

Kathryn Dapré is Head of Energy and Sustainability within NHS National Services Scotland. She is also Chair of the Sustainable Scotland Network – an organisation representing Scottish public sector interests on all aspects of climate change and sustainability. Kathryn’s team provides professional support to NHS Scotland boards, Scottish Government and other stakeholders in relation to all aspects of climate change resilience, energy management and sustainability for NHS Scotland. Kathryn has been involved in sustainability and climate change work for over 20 years. Following a period in energy consultancy where she worked with a range of public and private sector clients, she joined the NHS in 2012. She has overseen the implementation of the first Energy Performance Contracts within the Scottish public sector and more recently, has overseen the development of the NHS Sustainability Action campaign to encourage sustainability behaviour change across the service. She is currently leading on the development of a new NHS Scotland Climate Change and Sustainability Strategy, including a commitment to be a ‘net-zero service’ by 2045.

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