Kate Jack, Head of UK innovation hub, Innogy

Head of UK Innovation Hub, innogy

Kate started her career as a professional Sailor, where she spent 6 years on a variety of assignments across the world’s oceans (during which she achieved the grade of Captain). Relocating to Paris, she then joined Orange as Innovation Ambassador and quickly worked to establish their pioneering Centre of Excellence Program, which sought to align the businesses R&D efforts with the rest of the expanding corporation.  She then travelled to work in Ireland with Eircom, the former state owned telcom, in an organisational change role that saw her accountable for the consumer fixed/mobile convergence strategy.  She followed this period with two senior leadership roles developing strategies, propositions and campaigns, firstly in the UK for EE (where the focus was on Public Sector and Health) and subsequently for RWE nPower (where the focus was on B2B). She currently leads the UK Innovation Outpost for Innogy, a newly launched program that seeks to identify and partner start-ups who will shape the future of energy production & consumption. As part of the Retail Leadership team at RWE, she is also co-creating the retail strategy and acting as innovation liaison across the 11 group retail companies. She has fluency in several languages and is desperately trying to finish her first book!

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