Julia Beeden

Flood and Water Business Manager, Cambridgeshire County Council


Julia Beeden (née Chatterton) has worked in flood and water management in a role for ten years. Starting with a project and change management focus, Julia has developed strategy, policy and projects to deliver water infrastructure needed for growth and the duties required by the Flood and Water Management Act 2010. Now at Cambridgeshire County Council, Julia leads the team delivering Lead Local Flood Authority responsibilities. Given Cambridgeshire’s varying landscape combined with the significant growth agenda the team provides a crucial role in promoting sustainable development and reducing risk to existing communities. Julia has a keen interest in holistic water management, catchment management and productive stakeholder and customer engagement. Julia is a Member of the Water Leaders Group, the Anglian Water’s Sustainability and Resilience Panel, the Water Resources East Leadership Group and contributes regularly to Regional Flood and Coastal Committee meetings. Julia is also excited to be feeding into the programme of the new Cambridgeshire Combined Authority which provides real opportunities for proactive infrastructure planning.

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