Graeme Cooper

Project Director - Transport Decarbonisation, National Grid

Graeme leads National Grid’s work on transport decarbonisation enabling the journey to Net-Zero transport (Road, Rail, Aviation & Maritime).  

Graeme also leads the drive towards the Net-Zero 2050 target, by delivering a pathway for critical connections in the East of England by 2030 to enable delivery of the target of 40GW of Offshore wind.  

With over a decade in communications infrastructure and over a decade in zero carbon electricity, Graeme is a well-known and highly respected energy industry expert.  

Graeme is a graduate of Oxford Brookes University (BSc ‘97) and Bi Norwegian Business School (MBA Energy ‘16).  Graeme also sits on the Governments ‘EV Energy Taskforce’, the Committee on Climate Change ‘Advisory Group’ and Chairs his local councils Climate Emergency Advisory Board.  

Graeme takes his decarbonisation work home with him as he drives an electric car and heats his home using ground source heat pumps. 

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