Dr Helen Gavin

Project Leader, MaRius and WRSE Project, Oxford University

Helen is an experienced professional working in the water industry, with roles at Atkins and the University of Oxford. She is also the Vice President of the CIWEM Central Southern Branch. Starting from a background in wetland hydrology, she has since built up much experience of sustainability topics ranging from renewable energy generation, greenhouse gas accounting, low flow investigations and auditing.

Currently, Helen is the Programme Manager for the Water Resources in the South East (WRSE) group: a regional group covering south east England that brings together all the water companies and the regulators to work collaboratively to secure resilient water resupplies for the future. http://www.wrse.org.uk/   The group is active in investigating the need for water supplies in the future, up to 2080, given climate change, population pressures and environmental concerns, exploring potential futures to plan for a resilience sustainable water future.

She is also involved in the RCUK flagship research programme: Droughts and Water Scarcity in the UK, working with Prof Jim Hall in the MaRIUS project: Managing the Risks, Impacts and Uncertainties of drought and water Scarcity, which proposes a risk-based approach to drought and water scarcity in order to inform management decisions and prepare households. http://aboutdrought.info/  The research has explored the risk of drought in the UK and the impact upon people, the economy, and the environment, and has generated a wealth of new datasets for use by practitioners to better simulate and understand the risk of drought and water scarcity.

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