Dan Sadler

Programme Director (H21), Northern Gas Networks

A chartered Engineer with 20 years industry experience.  Dan started on British Gas’s graduate training program progressing to project manager for high pressure gas pipelines and pressure reduction stations.  In 2008 he joined Rhead Group, a professional services consultancy, in the role of as Divisional Director for Energy (UK).  Dan joined Northern Gas Networks (NGN) in 2012 as ‘Head of Investment Planning and Major Projects’ following supporting the network in their RIIO-GD1 regulatory submission.  After undertaking several highly strategic roles within NGN Dan was seconded throughout 2016 to the UK governments Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) advising across policy teams on all gas industry and wider energy related topics. This secondment also included the design of the governments Hy4Heat programme.

Dan was the originator and Project Manager of the high profile H21 Leeds City gate project. Since returning to NGN in 2017 he has taken up the role of H21 Programme Director working on projects which are designed to delivery critical and strategic evidence for a hydrogen gas grid conversion.  These include the collaborative UK Gas Industry £10.3m Hydrogen Safety (H21 NIC) project and the ‘H21 North of England’ project. The ambition of these projects is to support and influence UK government and global energy policy.

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