Dan Adams

Dan Adams

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, Amber Electric

Dan is passionate about shifting Australia to 100% renewable energy. He has built social movements around climate change, developed renewable energy projects and is the co-founder of Amber, a purpose-led electricity retailer designed to accelerate the transition.

Amber gives customers direct access to the real-time wholesale energy price so they can unlock the benefits of cheaper renewable power. Amber has now raised more than $45m to deliver their vision of a future where renewables plus automated smart devices in our homes can replace coal fired power stations.

Before Amber, Dan worked for Tesla where he developed the South Australian Virtual Power Plant, the Boston Consulting Group where he advised electricity companies on disruptions occurring in the electricity market and Hawaiian Electric where he designed Hawaii’s community solar program. He has degrees in Aerospace Engineering and Commerce (Economics).

Prior to this, Dan built movements around social and environmental issues. Back in 2009, Dan was running climate change campaigns with 40,000 young people in the lead up to the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen. He also founded the 2006 Make Poverty History concert, featuring U2 and Pearl Jam which inspired 50,000 Australians to join the campaign to end extreme poverty. This campaign was credited with influencing the Australian Government to increase their aid budget by billions of dollars a year. For this work, Dan was the Victorian Young Australian of the Year.

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