Arno Van Den Berg

Arno Van Den Berg

Chief Technology Officer, Vandebron

As Chief Technology Officer (CTO), I am responsible for all technological product developments and operations at energy platform Vandebron.

Vandebron has always been a frontrunner in the market of sustainable energy. Fortunately, now that more and more energy suppliers are offering green energy from the Netherlands, for us it’s time for the next step. In chapter two of the energy transition, we are on a mission to make 100% sustainable energy available 100% of the time. To do this, we have to innovate and deal with available energy in a smarter way. It’s a challenge that requires many new smart solutions and in which Vandebron is keen to take the leading role. By pioneering in the field of technology, we continue to grow in our role as a greentech innovator. The smart use of technology helps us to make more impact and to further accelerate the green energy transition. 

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