Andrew Ralston

Andrew Ralston

Chief Executive Officer, Pure Planet

Andrew is a Co-founder and the CEO of Pure Planet. Along with fellow co-founders Steven Day and Chris Alliott, and the backing of bp, Andrew helped establish Pure Planet as the leading digital, sustainably-focused energy supplier in the UK.

Over the past four years, the business has grown to supply almost 250,000 Members with renewable electricity and carbon-offset gas. Offering award-winning customer service and a highly engaged community, Pure Planet is now expanding its reach into the area of Future energy services with the ambition to enable its Members to significantly reduce their household C02 emissions.

Prior to founding Pure Planet, Andrew had a successful career in mobile telecoms spanning 30 years. Most notably Andrew joined Virgin in 1999 to launch Virgin Mobile. As Customer Relationship Director, Andrew led the team responsible for all aspects of a customer’s life with Virgin Mobile, and oversaw the rapid growth of the business to over 5 million customers in its first 6 years, through the company’s stock market listing and and subsequent sale to Ntl, when the business became Virgin Media. During this time Andrew also assumed responsibility for IT and logistics.

Subsequently, Andrew moved to Orange, and worked on the merger with T-Mobile, to create EE, where he took on the role of CCO for a further 18 months before leaving to begin the journey to create Pure Planet.

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