Tony Smith

Tony Smith

Chief Executive Officer, Consumer Council for Water

Tony joined the Consumer Council for Water in December 2005 as Chief Executive.

Since it was set up, CCWater has tried to encourage water companies, their regulators and government to make sure that the industry and the way it is regulated is fully focused on customers and their needs.

His early career was in strategy and marketing, implementing business turnarounds in oil, aerospace, automotive and fast moving consumer goods businesses.

Later Tony joined the utility sector where he has worked at senior level in electricity and as a director in the water industry and the rail sector. During his career in the utilities, he has led corporate strategy, corporate services and stakeholder relations, customer service, investment programme and PFI procurement and delivery and competitive market business development.

His last job was with Ofwat, as Director of Competition and Consumer Affairs, where he was responsible for consumer issues in the lead up to and through the 2004 price review.

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