Steven Edwards

Director of Regulation and Commercial , Wales & West Utilities

Wales & West Utilities Ltd (WWU) is the gas distribution network company that transports gas and provides the gas emergency service for the whole of Wales and the South West of England. WWU owns and maintains over 35,000km of Gas distribution pipes which serve over 2.5m supply points.

Steve joined the gas industry in 1992 as a finance graduate and now has 24 years’ experience in the sector

Steve has been closely involved in the Ofgem review of the RPI-X form or regulation, resulting in the “RIIO” form of Regulation. Steve led the first “RIIO” business plan submission for Wales and West Utilities resulting in an agreed settlement with Ofgem for the next 8 years.

As a member of the ENA gas futures group Steve has helped shape a number of contributions the group continues to make to future energy policy. Steve is also a Board Member of the Energy Network Association and in 2011 gave evidence on behalf of the Energy Networks Association (ENA), to the Energy Select Committee on the future role for Gas in the UK.

Energy is also a key issue for the devolved nations and Steve is a member of the Welsh Government Energy and Advisory panel.

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