Sara Bell

Chief Executive Officer, Tempus Energy

In 2012, Sara set up Tempus Energy and began developing the tech platform for the future utility. Sara’s unique background combining a financial markets risk system development career with energy system innovation has provided the cutting edge approach employed by the company. The Tempus platform uses algorithms, machine learning and DSR technology to reduce energy cost for customers, boosting the efficiency of renewables and reducing reliance on stand-by fossil fuel peaking plant. Tempus recognises building flexibility such as customer consumption flexibility and battery storage is crucial to cost effective decarbonisation and is committed to outcompeting fossil fuel. In 2014, Tempus challenged the UK Capacity Market design in the European Court because it favours fossil fuel generation over innovation. Tempus launched the first flexible electricity retailer in the world, opening up the new business model for the future utility. In 2017, Tempus launched a demand flexibility offer in partnership with Origin Energy in South Australia, the most volatile wholesale electricity market in the world.

Sara is a member of the Scientific Advisory Council for Energy for the Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council and a member of the High Level Group of i24c, the Industrial Innovation for Competitiveness initiative, a platform dedicated to developing and promoting an industrial strategy that secures European industry’s competitive advantage through innovation. Sara is also an Innovation Ambassador for Innovate UK.

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