Rob Rome

Commercial Operations Manager, National Grid

Rob Rome has 20 years’ experience in the energy industry.  In his career he has established and led many diverse functions within a number of market leading international energy firms.

After studying electrical engineering at Strathclyde University, Rob began his career with National Grid working at the customer interface within the Commercial & Strategy team.

With the liberalisation of the electricity markets in 2001, Rob began his commodity trading career with Edison Mission Energy (First Hydro).  Soon after Rob headed up the prompt trading front office managing 12 traders in the short and medium term markets of GB and Europe.

In 2007, Rob joined British Energy to head up their interface with the network operators, one of which was National Grid.  This was Rob’s first role dealing with Government and the GB Regulator, Ofgem on energy policy and network codes.  In this role, Rob and his team were responsible for creating many of today’s trading arrangements which have assisted the UK towards its low carbon agenda whilst ensuring security of supply and affordability.

With the EDF Energy acquisition of British Energy in 2009, Rob was asked to lead a combined Regulatory team focusing on transmission policy and electricity and gas trading Arrangements. Here Rob was able to continue to shape and influence market arrangements and was Chair and key member of a number of policy and advisory committees to industry and Government.

Rob established and headed further teams within EDF Energy, notably their Modelling & Analysis team and lastly headed up the companies Risk function with responsibility of signing off on all commercial Customer business.  Whilst at EDF Energy, Rob led a number of the company’s key growth and change projects, including one to create a single version of data ‘truth’ and the first capacity market auction programme which was worth circa £200m.

Just over a year ago, Rob re-joined National Grid and is currently heading up their Commercial Operations team.  This team is critical for the success of the electricity transmission control centre.  Rob and his team of 40 trading, assessments and forecasting specialists ensure the control room has access to optimal commercial arrangements and contracts to enable them to manage the electricity network efficiently and economically on behalf of electricity customers.


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