Neil Pendle

Neil Pendle

Managing Director, Waterscan

Neil founded Waterscan in 1994 and has developed the business into the UK’s leading water management company. He has endeavoured to keep Waterscan at the forefront of the water industry including the development of Self-Supply, Water Strategy, Water Recycling and Water Footprinting services for the benefit of Waterscan’s clients.

As Managing Director, Neil is responsible for driving the company forward and ensuring that Waterscan’s clients are ready for water related impacts such as the market opening to competition in 2017. Neil has guided the business through its attaining of a WSSL (Water Supply and Sewerage Licence), is a member of MOSL, the Water Efficiency in Buildings Network and is a Senior Member of the Water Management Society and is regarded as one of the leading experts in water conservation and cost control.

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