Mervyn Audhoe

Product Owner Process Innovation, Waternet

As Product Owner – Customer Process Innovation Mervyn is currently ┬áresponsible for the implementation of a new, generic and innovative process for customer contact, billing and collection at Waternet and doing it in an Agile way of working.

For Mervyn it all started in in 2015 with a simple goal: within 3 years 80% of the customer contact needed to go via a online channel. The idea behind it is just as simple. Customers expect to be able to manage their affairs digitally at any company. So customers can also expect good service from a public service provider such as Waternet.

To achieve this goal, Mervyn helped Waternet to  change course in 2015. We abandoned the slow waterfall model for online projects. With one complete agile team we learned to work according to the agile principles. No more large project plans, but focus on working products for customers. The result was a completely new self service portal, with now more than a million users a year.

In 2019 Waternet has 25 agile teams and the Agile way of working is embedded through the whole company.

At Future of Utiilities Water Mervyn will speak about this Digital Transformation at Waternet

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