Chris Guerin

Chris Guerin

Director Of Business Development, FutureBridge

Chris has enjoyed a successful sales career and has taken the skills learned and combined them with inspirational leadership skills to become an exceptional Sales Leader. Chris has a social and charismatic style with a tenacious and honest approach to work. His entrepreneurial spirit combined with a superior command of the commercial process allows him to develop a vision and can lead others to its execution. The transferable skills that Chris can demonstrate include:

  • Global expertise, traversing logistical, cultural and geographical boundaries to achieve results, recognition and growth.
  • Proven leadership track record in;
  • Building new businesses
  • Turning underperforming teams around
  • Merging and integrating new teams
  • A detailed and expert view on how teams need to be organised, motivated and managed in order to drive success.
  • Mature management expertise that includes financial control at cost centre and P+L level.
  • Leadership that facilitates consistent execution of best practice processes that has shown year on year success.

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