Andrew Crossland

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, MyGridGB

Dr Andrew Crossland received his PhD from Durham University in 2014 having researched the financial benefit of energy storage across 9000 low voltage networks. His work showed multi-million pound savings for network operators if residential storage batteries (such as Tesla’s Powerwall or LG’s RESU) were widely adopted.

From there he moved to a position with Network Rail working on whole life cost analysis of upgrades to electrification of the East Coast Mainline. Andrew has worked as the energy storage specialist for Solarcentury since 2016. His work ranges from the selection of residential energy storage products to the design of microgrids in remote areas of East Africa. He chairs the STA Committee on behind the meter storage.

Andrew is a specialist in crossing the engineering, social and financial sides of energy- sitting in the middle of problems and looking for novel solutions.

He also runs the grid charting and simulation website/Twitter feed ‘MyGridGB’ which aims to inform the public about our changing electricity system and stimulate energy debate using verifiable numbers.

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