Adrian Leaker

Managing Director, PFP Energy

Adrian Leaker, managing director of independent PFP Energy, is making waves in the energy sector by taking on the Big Six.

The gas and electricity supplier set up in 2015 to bring honesty and transparency to customers. It’s simple, money-saving tariffs have been a huge hit and the company now serves more than 60,000 domestic customers and around 3,000 business meters.

Yet it doesn’t stop there. PFP Energy’s mission to make the customer number one saw it ranked second in the Which? Survey of the Best Energy Firms 2017 and top-ranked by Citizens Advice for its customer complaints handling between July – December 2016.

Adrian’s shaking up an industry dominated for years by the same few names and is determined to show customers that there’s a better energy choice. The PFP Energy team aren’t robots, they’re real, local people with personality who aren’t given scripts, so that they offer an honest and friendly service. It’s worked wonders so far and will only get even better.

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