Keeping the lights on through periods of high demand and volatility

Blueprints for operational agility in an unpredictable climate

Join this webinar to understand the different approaches companies are taking to ensure that fluctuating demands on resources and staff are met, and how AI and cloud technologies are enabling the agility necessary to adapt to disruption of any scale.

The panel discusses:

  • In which areas has the pandemic affected the energy industry the most?
  • How are different companies responding to recent disruption?
  • Building agility into operational systems: how can AI and Cloud technologies such as Automation help?
  • Streamlining decision-making processes: rapidly scaling solutions when it matters most
  • To what extent will reactions to COVID-19 have a lasting impact on digitalisation roadmaps?

The panel of experts:

Bill Bullen, Chief Executive Officer, Utilita

Chris Thewlis, Chief Operating Officer, npower

Jonathan Corbishley, Commercial Director, Dual Energy

Ian Blackburn, Customer Success Manager, Blue Prism Cloud

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