Harness, innovate, optimise: maximising the value of data in utilities

Defining the strategies for effective data management for energy and water companies

The role of data has become central to the utilities industry as it transitions to a smarter, sustainable future. Amidst this changing landscape, energy and water companies must tap into the significant volume and variety of data that holds the power to transform their service quality, operational reliability, and ensure their profitability.

To modernise networks, maximise the value of assets, and innovate for the consumer, it is critical that utilities act now to modernise their data management. In partnership with Denodo, this webinar explores how utilities can adopt the right strategies to harness the value of data in a holistic, timely and cost-effective manner.


Discussion points

  • Dealing with the data boom: what challenges are utilities facing in their data management?
  • Tapping into new sources of data: which data-points hold the most potential for innovation and modernisation?
  • Striking the right balance: how can companies effectively manage and leverage data while facing constraints on time and budget?
  • Identifying the right tools: what technology has the most transformational power?
  • How can companies ensure that they get the right data they need to take advantage of the capabilities of AI?
  • From asset management to forecasting and planning: how can real-time data optimise operations?
  • Smart and sustainable: what benefits can effective data management bring to utilities decarbonisation goals?
  • Building a closer relationship with consumers: how can utilities use data to innovate?
  • Maximising the value of data: how can excellent data management reap excellent business outcomes for the long-term?

Panellists include

  • Ian Burgess, Chief Technology Officer, Utilita Energy
  • Mike Hewitt, Chief Technology Officer, Smart DCC
  • Angela MacOscar, Head of Innovation, Northumbrian Water
  • Gary Baverstock, VP, Strategic Accounts, Northern Europe, Denodo

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