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Meet your mentors

20 June | 11am | Exhibition Hall


Join us on Day 2 of Future of Utilities Summit 2024 for your chance to connect with our amazing mentors at the Women in Utilities Networking Brunch!

In partnership with

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  • Exchange insights with our trailblazing mentors over a warm mug of coffee and brunch
  • Contribute to the ongoing dialogue that is shaping a more equitable and inclusive utilities landscape
  • Tap into industry wisdom that could help propel your career to new heights

Connect with amazing Women in Utilities, including:

Rebecca Beresford | WUN Mentor
Rebecca Beresford

Director of Net Zero Strategy & Policy, EDF UK

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Sallyann Blackett | WUN Mentor
Sallyann Blackett

Head of Volume Forecasting, Energy Markets, E.ON UK

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Steph O'Donnell | WUN Mentor
Steph O’Donnell

Workforce Planning & Change Manager, SSEN Transmission

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Sue Stewart | WUN Mentor
Sue Stewart

Workforce Capability Manager, National Grid ESO

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Nicole McNab | WUN Mentor
Nicole McNab

Strategic Comms & Partnership Delivery Lead, Southern Water

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Jessica Ham | WUN Mentor
Jessica Ham

Head of Mid Market Performance and Insight, npower

Victoria Lemmon | WUN Mentor
Victoria Lemmon

Head of Water Strategy and Environment, South Staffordshire

South Staffordshire Water
Kelly-Marie Lovesy | WUN Mentor
Kelly-Marie Lovesy

Director of Sales, Opus Energy

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April Chen | WUN Mentor
April Chen

Innovation Manager, National Grid

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Carolina Karlstrom | WUN Mentor
Carolina Karlstrom

Head of Sustainability, SGN

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Emma Fletcher | WUN Mentor
Emma Fletcher

Low Carbon Homes Director, Octopus Energy

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Ellie Rowlands | WUN Mentor
Ellie Rowlands

Stakeholder Relations Executive, Energy UK

Energy UK Logo Future of Utilities
Sharon Sage | WUN Mentor
Sharon Sage

Senior Manager of Public Sector, EDF

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Karen Anderson | WUN Mentor
Karen Anderson
Programme Development Manager, WUN
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Katherine Owens | WUN Mentor
Katherine Owens

Head of Sustainability & ESG, United Utilities

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Helen Rints | WUN Mentor
Helen Rints

Administration Manager, WUN

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Lisa Wood | WUN Mentor
Lisa Wood

Director, GRIP Coaching

Karen Lee | WUN Mentor
Karen Lee
Director, Keel Insight
Ayisha Kurshid | WUN Mentor
Ayisha Khurshid

Strategic Advisor, Aqua Consulting

Angela Booth | WUN Mentor
Angela Booth

Vice President – Account Management, EXL Service

Rhea Marsden | WUN Mentor
Rhea Marsden

Head of Connections, Hemiko LTD

Shelley Copsey | WUN Mentor
Shelly Copsey
Chief Executive Officer, FYLD